As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, more and more people are struggling to get by. If you are currently unemployed or not working as much as you used to, then you might be trying to think of ways to bring in additional cash for you and your family. If you are diabetic and have a stockpile of test strips that you will never burn through, then you might be sitting on another source of income for your family. Here's why you should look to sell diabetes test strips and swap your test strips for cash.

You Get Test Strips at a Discount or Covered Under Insurance

As a diabetic, you likely receive a package of test strips from your medical supplier or insurance company once per month. The thing is though, that many diabetics don't need to test their blood multiple times per day or at least not often enough to use up all of the test strips before the next box comes in.

If you have been diabetic for a while, then you obviously already know this. You likely already have one or more unopened boxes of test strips that you just keep in storage somewhere because you keep getting a new box sent to you like clockwork every month. Chances are also good that you aren't paying much for these test strips because some or all of the cost might be covered by your insurance.

Help Out Someone Without Insurance

There exists a market for people who want to sell test strips for cash because there are people with diabetes out there who don't have great insurance or don't have any insurance at all. The cost of the test strips without insurance might be very expensive for these people if they want to buy them direct from the manufacturer. So instead, they go to the third party market and buy the strips from another diabetic who has a surplus just sitting at home.

It's a Win Win for Everyone

When you sell your diabetes test strips, you will bring in some cash for something that was just sitting in a closet somewhere. You will likely make a nice profit compared to what you paid for the strips with your insurance. Conversely, the person you are selling to will be able to get strips for much less than what it would cost to buy them directly from a manufacturer without insurance. In the end, everyone is happy and you've just found another source of cash for you and your family during the pandemic.

To learn more about how to sell diabetes test strips, contact services in your area.