For individuals that experience respiratory problems, using a CPAP machine can be a necessary step for ensuring that they get sufficient amounts of air. Unfortunately, new CPAP patients will often struggle with understanding the types of CPAP supplies that they should keep in their house.

Replacement Tubing And Masks

The tubing and mask for the CPAP system will be some of the components that will need to be replaced the most frequently. This is due to the amount of wear that these components experience along with the fact that these items can be more easily damaged while the mask is being worn. For example, the hose could suffer a puncture or other damage that prevents it from working at peak efficiency. To make sure that you are ready to replace any mask or tubing that suffers damage, you should keep some of these items in storage so that you can quickly replace them if damage occurs.

Cleaning Supplies

Keeping the CPAP system clean is another critical step that you will have to follow if you are going to be using these systems. Over the course of time, it is possible for these masks to develop large amounts of bacteria. Removing these substances will be important for preserving the effectiveness of the CPAP system while also minimizing the risk of you developing health complications due to exposure to these substances. Cleaning the CPAP should be something that you do every day. While some patients will assume that this process will be arduous, this is not the case as the mask will be fairly easy for you to clean with sanitizing wipes. Additionally, the tubing and other components will need to be sanitized every few days, but there are CPAP-safe cleaning solutions that will allow you to do this in a matter of minutes. Due to the fact that CPAP cleaning supplies are fairly specialized, you should always buy these items in bulk so that you will have a reliable supply for weeks or months.

CPAP Filters

The CPAP system will use thin paper filters to help limit the amount of dust that the system pulls into it during the course of its use. These paper filters will have to be changed at least every few days so that the system does not become clogged or otherwise malfunction. These paper filters will usually only be available from a CPAP supplies provider or a medical equipment retailer. While these paper filters are sold in relatively large quantities, they will have to be kept in a dry location to keep them from suffering damage.

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